Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What is your "model ceremony?"

Every officiant works differently, but I provide my clients with a "model ceremony."

I do this so that client couples can see the language that will be used at their ceremony printed in front of them, as a courtesy for their review.

Once you have confirmed your wedding date and time, we can begin the process of working together on your personalized wedding ceremony. Often clients like to download a model ceremony that is at least "in the ballpark" of what they would like for their own (i.e. "Christian Style" or "Non-denomenational Style") from this weblog, and work to adjust the ceremony to suit their preference on their own. These clients then email me the text of what they would like to be said and to occur at their wedding ceremony.

Other clients have other themes in mind for their ceremony, and I'm always happy to work with those couples, or even with your Mobile DJ, to create a ceremony congruent with the theme of your entire wedding day. The notion of "themes" for the wedding ceremony is discussed in other posts on this weblog, and I'm always happy to help develop a ceremony that is as new or as old as suits my clients' preference.

Some folks are professional writers, and would prefer to write the ceremony themselves, while others are very busy with the endless details of a wedding, and would prefer that I do the writing as part of the officiant service. I enjoy being a Justice of the Peace, and I'm happy to work with you as suits your preference.

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