Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A “Theme” For Your Wedding Ceremony

Many couples are interested to “personalize” or “customize” the text and overall choreography of their wedding, but don’t know where to begin.

One starting point can be to think of a “theme” for your wedding ceremony. Examples of “themes” can be as diverse as your –

  1. spiritual or religious beliefs,
  2. cultural heritage(s), or
  3. marriage values and ideas regarding what love and marriage is all about.

“Themes” can also be less formal and more personal, such as a story about how you first met, or how this marriage was proposed.

Opportunities for the expression of your “theme” are various, and can be combined or utilized as you prefer.

The first such opportunity is in the opening remarks of your officiant. This narrative can be edited and written to include prayers, blessings, and stories of your choosing.

Other opportunities include the written language of the vows themselves, the choice of passages for guest readers, music selection, musical artist, type or style of unity celebration, the final narrative or benediction, or even the procession and recession to name only a few. I'm also very happy to work together with your photographer, cellist or DJ in order to coordinate our work.

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