Monday, November 07, 2005

RAVES are POURING IN for the new Massachusetts Marriages and Weddings weblog!

“David, you have the best website of any of the Massachusetts Wedding Officiants”

- Ravi, A Google-powered Groom-to-Be

“Thank you so much for the information on your website, David. The website was extremely helpful for us, and it made it possible for us to get this wedding done when we needed to do it.”

- A “Wedding-Planner” Mom After Her Son’s Wedding

“David, I could tell by the thoughtful explanations on your website that you had the personality we wanted in an Officiant for our wedding."

- A Bride-to-Be Who Researched Beyond “The Knot”

“I think your website is right on. After witnessing so many dry ceremonies, I’m excited by the energy you bring to being an officiant. I plan on using you with all of my wedding planning clients.”

- A Professional Wedding Planner

"I can't believe you have audio and music on your website! That's so cool!"

- Another happy wedding client

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My Rant about Wedding Vendors < bride2b1023 > 09/30 10:04:46

OK - Listen up VENDORS. I know that YOU do this ALL the time. This is your business. That is great and it's why we hired you - but could you PLEASE remember that I don't do this all the time. That this is my ONE wedding and your bored and cocky answers to my silly questions are rather irritating. Seriously - Try to remember that this is not old hat for us and treat us with a little more patience and graciousness. After all, we may not do this again, but our firends might and if you are mean to me you won't get my reference.

Go to BLOGS for Good Customer Service < dbarrett > 11/11 19:42:18

It is very true that many wedding vendors get the same questions again and again, and that the quality of customer service can suffer as a result.

One solution is to work with wedding vendors that help their customers with information on an internet weblog or website.

This way, wedding customers can get the information they need on topics like how to work with wedding vendors, the important planning and scheduling processes, and necessary information particular to the service provided.

Demanding quality customer service makes us all better.

Hang in there, try to enjoy the ride, and best of luck in your wedding planning process.

Very truly yours,

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