Monday, November 07, 2005

Microphones and Wedding Audio

I’m often asked if I provide a voice amplification system, or if I prefer to use one provided by the deejay or event facility. Wireless microphones are considered a wedding videography trend.

I don’t provide a microphone, and whether I suggest using one at all depends on the circumstances of your wedding. Generally, I find that weddings have an enhanced personal and sincere quality when a microphone is not used, and I attempt to avoid using them whenever possible.

There are obvious advantages to having a microphone - video production purposes, allowing those in the back to hear at an outdoor wedding, and if you plan to have around 200 guests in attendance for your wedding, you may want to consider some type of microphone. I would say that my non-amplified voice range is about comfortable seating for 125 or so.

However, the disadvantages are important to keep in mind. Some deejay provided wireless mike & amplification set ups can make your wedding ceremony seem like a ball game, and the personal nature of the ceremony is lost. What I have to say, and your guest speakers are easy enough to broadcast, but when it comes to the vows, it really should be spoken between the persons getting married.

Of course the best solutions come with a considerable price tag. A very sensitive microphone in the area of your ceremony or attached to me together with a quality amplification system can make the enhancement seem natural.

My general suggestion is to listen to the suggestions of your deejay and venue coordinator with a critical ear, and if possible check out the microphone and amplification system as part of the vendor selection process.