Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Involving Children in the Wedding Ceremony

From time to time, a client couple will inquire about including a vow or ceremony element that seeks to celebrate the new family relationship formed between the new spouse and a child (or children) in the family.

These types of ceremony elements are often referred to by using the name of one of the commercially available products which can be used in this ceremony, i.e. a “Family Medallion Ceremony,” or more generically by terms like “Children’s Vow,” “New Family Vow,” “Step-Children Vow,” “Children’s Ring Ceremony,” or “Baby Ring Ceremony.”

One example of the wedding ceremony language which may be used in your ceremony is as follows:


As part of the family nature of marriage, we recognize ________ _________ (child) and the significant role s/he plays in this union today celebrated.

__________ _________, please step forward.


With children present, marriage is more than the union of two people. It is the proclaiming of a new family. For love to grow, there must always be a reaching out to include others. Love, therefore, is ultimately directed toward creating a new family, a new community, a new future.

Party A First Name Last Name (or both Party A and Party B) presents to ________ __________ (child) this (ring/medallion/bracelet) as a symbol of family commitment and in recognition of the hope and joy made visible through this marriage.

(Optional Family Medallion Verse)

Marriage is often symbolized by two merged circles. The Family Medallion has three circles to acknowledge love as a relationship of more than two people. When two people love each other they reach out to include others.

David says, and Party A First Name repeats (while placing necklace on child):

In the giving of this (medallion/bracelet/ring)
I, Party A First Name Last Name
pledge to you, _________ _________ (child),
my continuing love,
and protection.


Please join me in celebration as Party A First Name, Party B First Name and _______ (child) begin their new journey together as one family.

(wild applause)

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