Friday, November 11, 2005

"David, We Just Want a Legal Marriage ..."

Many of my clients seek the services of a Justice of the peace not for a large wedding ceremony, but for a small one.

I’m very happy to do as little or as much ceremony for your wedding as you prefer, and I am available to meet privately for your legal marriage.

Some couples prefer to have only traditional vows, some prefer only vows and a brief poem, and some couples like an entire ceremony with a ring exchange. I officiate at events with only the bride and groom, and sometimes with only the bride, groom, and a photographer.

All that is legally required is that:

1. you both understand that you are engaging in a wedding,

2. you both freely agree, and

3. that your officiant declares by which authority he/she pronounces you wed.

I have done weddings as modest as a conversation at a coffee shop table (three times), but in my experience, many small weddings “grow” into smaller events.

I look forward to working with you.

David Barrett, Esq.
Massachusetts Justice of the Peace
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