Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Are you already married?

Client couples who are interested in multiple wedding ceremonies, or who are already married, often seek my services in order to resolve a variety of life circumstances.

Some couples need a quiet legal marriage before one spouse’s military unit is deployed overseas, but would like to keep their legal marriage a “secret” while preparing for a larger “public” ceremony in the future.

Other couples have already completed their legal marriage, but seek a large, traditional wedding ceremony in order to include their friends, parents and extended family in the celebration of their marriage.

Still other couples have gone “public” with their wedding, sometimes long ago, but now seek a ceremony at which to do a renewal of their wedding vows.

As your Justice of the Peace, I view my role as your employee, and I’m happy to work with you as you prefer. Please feel free to communicate with me in confidence.

Best wishes,

David Barrett, Esq.
Justice of the Peace
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